Selected commendations for Riverhill Partners

Having a well respected seasoned team

of advisors is a key success factor for any

balance sheet restructuring exercise.

Peter Collini and his colleagues at Riverhill

are up there with the best in the market.

Julian Davison, Partner (responsible for buyout portfolio)

Riverhill grasps the key issues and provides
seasoned advice, quickly and effectively.

Andrew Golding, Banking Partner

When the company’s very survival is threatened it’s great to know you have the best team on board with true determination to deliver the best result. Your advice was always on the nail, pragmatic whilst supported by thorough analysis. Earning the respect of all parties on the deal with your open and communicative approach was key to giving all stakeholders the confidence to share the pain and rewards in a very difficult situation.

Crevan O’Grady, Partner

Riverhill are solution-orientated and tenacious – working round the clock where required. They are also extremely approachable with a wicked sense of humour!

Jane McNally, Chief Executive

Peter and his team became an integral part of Amey’s core team as we went through an extremely testing financial restructuring programme. Their strong, accurate and calm advice was fundamental to the successful outcome achieved.
A very high work ethic combined with considerable experience in their field leads me to offer a very strong reference to Riverhill Partners.

Mel Ewell, Chief Executive

It was immediately clear that they knew the right people and knew the rules of the game. They provided first class strategic advice and support. Their input was invaluable in reaching  the right solution.

Eric Tracey, Acting Group Finance Director

I have been very pleased with the way in which Riverhill Partners handled the refinancing of my Group

Lord Lloyd Webber

Attention to detail and strategic insight yielded yet another very good result. The Really Useful Group and Lord Lloyd Webber were delighted with their performance – again!

Mark Wordsworth, Chairman

We have been delighted with Riverhill’s commercial and intellectual support in resolving issues. They helped negotiate the best possible terms and did a great job managing the process to ensure that the complex deal was delivered on time. It has been refreshing to work with advisers who are genuinely independent and interested in our business, wanting to build long term relationships rather than just short term transactions.

Howard Witts, Finance Director

Riverhill were unafraid to get into the considerable detail that was involved, but were always able to keep the big picture in mind however complex the details became. They have huge capacity, taking new critical issues in their stride and working the hours required to avoid anything slipping between the cracks. As individuals, they are also leaders, not being afraid to call any of the participants at any stage if this was required to keep the process moving and always ready to provide a recommendation for consideration.

Brian Buchan, Chairman

The Riverhill team provided a vital input using their tremendous experience and energy to ensure that the overall process ran as smoothly as possible, through coordinating actions, thinking ahead and recommending solutions to real and potential issues. As well as never losing sight of the overall goal, they were to happy to roll their sleeves up and help critique and support the detailed build to the many interrelated parts to our restructuring. Their supportive yet determined style fitted in well and made them great to work with.

Jim Green, Finance Director

With the odds stacked against the business, their timely and accurate guidance was critical. The Riverhill team’s hands on and humoured approach helped the executive team through the most arduous journey. Their energy level and work ethic can only be described as dynamic. I can neither thank nor recommend strongly enough Peter and the team.

Graham Clark, CEO

We contacted Riverhill when our original banking partner for a new investment failed to deliver on their proposed terms. Within 4 weeks of our engagement with Riverhill, we had fully documented facilities from another lender for an increased level of facilities on more competitive terms than the original offer. We were delighted with the outcome and the high level of service received from Riverhill throughout.

Bernard Dale, Partner

Riverhill provided high quality and well thought out advice. Peter and Lawrence were available at all times and response times were short.
It was a real pleasure to work with them.

Alan Maynard, Partner Darwin Private Equity

Guys, your support, preparation and counsel was indispensable helping us retain the support of our bank and attracting new investors. My personal thanks.

Gordon Wilkinson, CEO

I was delighted that your advice and support for our balance sheet restructuring at Driver Group was so successful. I’m clear you made a decisive difference not only to the way the bank viewed our plans but also to the way our prospectus was viewed by investors. As ever, you delivered in spades.

Steve Norris, Chairman

Thank you both for the excellent work done in managing this complex and crucial process to its successful completion. From the initial market soundings, through the various stages of the EU procurement process, and the final stages of selection, this has been a truly challenging assignment, which at each phase you have made straightforward for us. The Board is delighted with the outcome, and the advice and guidance Riverhill provided throughout.

David White, Chairman,
Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund

Lawrence and Peter provided us with the highest quality advice throughout a long and at times challenging process. Their pragmatic and straightforward approach ensured that sensitive and complex issues were resolved constructively and in a timely manner. Their attention to detail was impressive particularly given the many counterparties that needed to be kept engaged. We would have struggled to complete the process so successfully without their wise counsel and I wholeheartedly recommend the team.

Emilio Cattaneo, Executive Director,
Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund

We appointed Riverhill because we liked the team we met, and we liked their way of operating […] Riverhill quickly understood the delicate balance that needed to be struck. We are impressed with the level of support we got from them and the agreements they negotiated. We hope that they will remain a partner to the fund in the long term and would recommend them without hesitation.

Keith Palmer, Chairman, Emerging Africa;

Non-Executive Vice Chairman, Rothschilds

A huge thank you to Riverhill for getting us an ideal result after nearly 18 months. At times, it must have seemed a Sisyphean task! It has been relatively easy for the Board, knowing that someone else is doing all of the hard work, as has been the case throughout this process.

Andrew Bainbridge, Chairman, GuarantCo Limited and Group Head, US Supervisory Remediation Programme at Standard Chartered Bank

Thanks for all your help… as I don’t think we could have got there otherwise.

Julia Grant, Portfolio director,
Impetus Private Equity Foundation

The Riverhill team played an invaluable part in the sale of the Club and the restructuring of its debt. From advising us on the structure and content of our Investment Memorandum to working alongside management in negotiation with potential buyers and financial stakeholders their ideas and expertise were crucial. They understood the “goldfish bowl” nature of a football club and impact that a sale has on the local community and fanbase. We were also impressed with the team’s interaction with other professional advisers, in particular our lawyers. Overall Riverhill played a key role in a terrific team effort.

Derek Bowden, CEO

Their contribution has been outstanding, they are extremely assiduous and available at any time of the day or night. If you need the best possible advice which is technically expert, honest, reliable and prompt, you could not do better than call Peter. I strongly commend the team.

Steve Norris, Chairman

Peter and his team provided us with first class advice throughout our extremely difficult restructuring process and were an enormous support to the Board. They maintain excellent relationships with the key players and have a very effective style resulting in a high level of achievement without a lot of noise. At each stage in the arduous process they had the complete confidence of the management team and Board.

Alan Lovell, Chief Executive

I was glad to have you on our side at a critical stage in the hospital’s development providing quality advice and guidance to the Board throughout. Your incredible dedication was instrumental in helping deliver the right solution for the company in an amazingly short timescale. You arrived with a blue chip introduction and an unexpected bonus of being such nice chaps!

Peter Goddard, Chairman

Riverhill has proven effective in managing a complex transaction in a short timeframe. Their ability to deliver a viable solution preserving the value of the enterprise has been impressive. Peter and Lawrence have been pragmatic in all phases of the process and have been able to produce the required result for the business to grow.

Majority Investor

From the outset your team very quickly grasped a full understanding of our business and the complexities we faced; pinpointing the key areas that needed resolving and recommending suitable solutions. You have all been extremely professional and pragmatic throughout and handled the negotiations with patience and much skill. It has been interesting and challenging but dare I say it fun (if you can call refinancing fun) working with you and I hope we can enjoy a long working relationship.

Jim Furze, Chief Executive and

Co-Controlling Shareholder

Riverhill came strongly recommended by one of my closest advisers, when I was at an advanced stage of selling my business. They reassessed the opportunity, found me a new equity backer and delivered a complete financing, all within a matter of weeks. The process was superbly managed and the outcome was beyond my expectations. I haven’t previously worked with advisers, but I (and everyone else working on the transaction with me) found Riverhill’s input to be outstanding.

Phil Cameron, CEO, No.1 Traveller

It is always very refreshing working with Lawrence and Peter. Honest, straight forward, thorough and great company! I look forward to the next project.

Peter Hodson

Riverhill did an excellent job.

Their involvement at all stages of a complicated deal was pivotal in reaching the finishing line. They brokered the deal with our stakeholders and neutralised a range of threats that had not been immediately apparent to us. Their advice was consistently succinct, positive and robust.

Gordon Black CBE, Chairman

I can only reiterate the extremely positive impact on the process that was delivered by the Riverhill team. At the time you initially presented I couldn’t have imagined that your appointment would result in such a positive outcome.

Stephen Lister, Chief Executive

Thanks for bringing us a great idea which as ever you implemented and completed with the maximum support and minimum fuss. The Board and our shareholders are delighted once again. I look forward to the next time…

Dan Freeman, Finance Director

We have worked with Riverhill for over 10 years and they have provided consistently high levels of service and delivered excellent results throughout. For our 2013 refinancing Riverhill’s extensive market testing and an exceptional IM resulted in what we believe were the best possible terms for our new facility.

Bishu Chakraborty, Managing Director

Peter and his team’s support over the last two years made them the clear adviser of choice. Their assistance in negotiating, structuring, and delivering the transaction was invaluable – we knew they would provide 100 per cent quality and be 110 per cent dedicated.

Andre Ptaszynski, CEO

We are delighted with the work performed by Riverhill. It was very important to us that we gained control of the theatre group and we knew we could trust Riverhill to devote the necessary time and energy ensuring that we got the result we wanted.

Jonathan Hull,

Director of Legal & Business Affairs

We were able to call upon a wealth of knowledge and experience as a result of appointing Riverhill as advisers. They took a great deal of stress out of the process by understanding the needs of, and by carefully negotiating the deal with all of the stakeholders. From the Company’s perspective, the outcome was also pretty damn favourable. A sympathetic and diplomatic crew.

Simon Hannah, CEO

Riverhill don’t overcomplicate the situation. They quickly gain an understanding of your business and its financial needs to negotiate the best possible deal. They are a professional team who appreciate that a restructure is a stressful time for companies and provide more than just financial advice – they also provide moral support to management. I have no hesitation in recommending Riverhill to anyone looking for financial restructuring advice.

Stephanie Murray, Finance Director

The team at Riverhill provided an invaluable source of experience and guidance throughout what was a difficult time for the company. Their insightful and communicative approach meant that all key stakeholders were on the same page with the ultimate goals remaining in focus each step of the process. I would strongly recommend the team and thank them for their assistance.

John March, Chief Operating Officer

The Riverhill team did a great job for us. Even though we were under significant pressure we felt reassured that we were all fully prepared for each new turn of events (of which there were many) so we could guide the business through the difficult times with confidence. From an originally disparate group of lenders you helped us to bring order and ability – 100% approval for each lender request. The final restructuring was a phenomenal result. We really appreciated how closely you worked with us from beginning to end. Much as we enjoyed working with you I hope never to have to work with you in a similar manner again!

Erik Hoekstra, Chief Executive

It was a pleasure having you on the team – high pressure, high effort, high devotion.

I was sceptical at the outset but you really earned your fees!

Robert van den Bergh, Chairman

A1 Excellence Award 2016 “Most Outstanding Corporate Finance”

Best for Independent Corporate Finance Advice – UK

Best for Independent Corporate Financial Advice – London

Best Independent Corporate Finance
Advisors – UK

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Connection Capital backs Carter Cabin Hire's MBO

Connection Capital backs Carter Cabin Hire's MBO – Deal of the Month October 2015


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